Headshots by portrait photographer Ryan Klos in Woodstock, IL

SYNC Magazine Editorial Photoshoot | Crystal Lake

Sync Magazine, portrait by Ryan Klos

I was recently asked to shoot editorial portraits of Al Butler, the chief information officer at McHenry County College, for SYNC Magazine. The portraits were for an article highlighting the CIO and his work on the college’s ERP system.

I envisioned portraits with an edgy look and a little drama instead of run-of-the-mill business portraits (not that there’s anything wrong with corporate or business headshots). Since Al is a tech guy, we shot in the college’s server room, a Mac classroom, and a few other locations to match the content of the article.

You can see which photo the photo editor at SYNC Magazine chose, and here are some of the other options I shot which he didn’t. We made some very cool portraits that Al and I were very happy with.

Interested in your own creative headshots for professional uses? Get in touch with me!


Business headshots for Sync magazine, by Ryan Klos


Business headshots for Sync magazine, by Ryan Klos


Business headshots for Sync magazine, by Ryan Klos

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Pageant Headshots | Allison Royer

Pageant Headshots by Ryan Klos

I first met Allison in 2014 when her mom contacted me about doing headshots for a pageant Allison was entering. We got together and had a lot of fun shooting two hours worth of headshots in ideally warm summer light.

The photos turned out great, but what stuck with me was how much fun we had. Allison was up for trying anything, even if we weren’t sure the end result would be quite what we expected. It always makes a session more fun when my clients are willing to experiment a little.

But here’s the most important part: As a result of my headshots, Allison took third place in the Ms. Photogenic portion of the pageant! How awesome is that? I’m honored to have been a part of that.

Fast forward one year and we’re doing headshots for the pageant again. This time we shot on the Woodstock square for an urban look and feel vs. the farm as with her 2014 headshot portrait session. And agin, the results were stunning thanks to Allison’s radiant smile and confidence in front of the camera. Best of luck this year, Allison!

Pageant Headshots by Ryan Klos

Pageant Headshots by Ryan Klos

Pageant Headshots by Ryan Klos

Pageant Headshots by Ryan Klos

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Woodstock Headshots | Matthew Mickelsen

Professional Headshots | Ryan Klos Photography, Woodstock, IL portrait photographer.

Matt called me in September for headshots. He writes scores for films and needed some professional photos for publicity and his website. Fun thing about shooting with Matt is we went to grade school and high school together, but haven’t talked for at least a decade, probably more. We had a great time walking around the Woodstock square catching up and doing portraits. It was a very relaxing session with lots of laughter.

At one point we were questioned about what we were doing by a very intoxicted individual threatening that some people in Woodstock don’t like having their photos taken. "Just thought I should warn you," he said. Well good thing Matt hired me and I didn’t force him into a headshots session!

Anyway, here are some portraits from Matt’s session—enjoy!

Professional Headshots | Ryan Klos Photography, Woodstock, IL portrait photographer.


Professional Headshots | Ryan Klos Photography, Woodstock, IL portrait photographer.

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Anytime Portraits | Sam and Her Pups

Young woman holding her two dogs in a park during fall. Veteran Acres, Crystal Lake, IL.

This was a fun shoot for some anytime portraits with Sam. She brought along her pups and we made portraits of everyone! These were shot at Veteran Acres in Crystal Lake, a park full of great natural backdrops—one of my favorite places to shoot!

More and more, fall is my favorite time of year to shoot. Although, I’ll probably say that about spring as soon as we get there, too. I just love finding that gorgeous natural light and working it outdoors.

Young woman standing outdoors in the fall at Veteran Acres park in Crystal Lake, IL.
A young woman posing outdoors in the fall with her two dogs. Veteran Acres, Crystal Lake, IL.
A young woman posing at Veteran Acres in Crystal Lake, IL with her two dogs during the fall.

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Junkyard Portrait Session

I’ve always wanted to shoot in a junkyard, and I finally got my chance! Kayla just graduated from 8th grade so what better way to mark that milestone than by making some fun portraits? She was a good sport and willing to get a little dirty and brave the rains. Oh the rain! For the first portion of our shoot is was storming like mad out so we worked with what we had inside—I have to say I think we got some great stuff in there!

The best images happened outside. Just before calling it a day the clouds broke and the sun came out. The junkyard was soaking wet, but the atmosphere and natural light were perfect for our portraits! So we got to work and made some excellent images.

Thanks for being a good sport, Kayla, and congratulations on your graduation!

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Headshot Session: Grace

Grace is a cheerful 12-year-old with a smile and attitude that’ll brighten any room! We did some simple headshots on white for an audition she recently had and it sounds like she got the part. The director wants her headshot on file because he’s sure there are more parts for her! Congrats, Grace!

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