2017 Prairie Ridge Senior | Olivia Linder

Meet Olivia, a 2017 Prairie Ridge senior whom I had the pleasure of photographing in the fall. I also got to photograph her brother two years earlier! We had a great senior portrait session at two locations, and even though the sun wasn’t cooperating, we made some great portraits. I don’t mind overcast days anyway, you get perfect lighting no matter what angle you shoot from. We shot on the Woodstock square and an open field not too far from the square, and I have to say, Olivia did awesome. See for yourself.

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2017 Badger High School Senior | Noah Sepke

First time shooting in downtown Richmond and what a shoot it was! Noah did great posing and trusting me with my ideas. We even got to talk shop about graphic design and photography throughout his senior session—he’s got an interest and is currently working with Photoshop. We had a great time and nabbed some great masculine urban portraits just before sundown. Not bad for a one-hour, one-outfit session. I’m looking forward to more shoots in Richmond!

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2017 Prairie Ridge High School Senior Portraits | Ashlie Garner


In the dead heat of summer, Ashlie donned a leather jacket and scarf and managed to play it cool. I was sweating buckets, but she rocked the fall look flawlessly! We had a great time shooting her senior portraits at Veteran Acres in Crystal Lake, and her sister was quite the assistant—I put her to work holding the reflector and she did great!

For the second half of our senior session we shot at my Bull Valley farm location with two different outfits. As expected, the location was perfect for high contrast portraits, gently lit by the setting sun. Ashlie was great at posing and trusted my direction, which made for some awesome portraits. Great job, Ashlie!

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SYNC Magazine Editorial Photoshoot | Crystal Lake

Sync Magazine, portrait by Ryan Klos

I was recently asked to shoot editorial portraits of Al Butler, the chief information officer at McHenry County College, for SYNC Magazine. The portraits were for an article highlighting the CIO and his work on the college’s ERP system.

I envisioned portraits with an edgy look and a little drama instead of run-of-the-mill business portraits (not that there’s anything wrong with corporate or business headshots). Since Al is a tech guy, we shot in the college’s server room, a Mac classroom, and a few other locations to match the content of the article.

You can see which photo the photo editor at SYNC Magazine chose, and here are some of the other options I shot which he didn’t. We made some very cool portraits that Al and I were very happy with.

Interested in your own creative headshots for professional uses? Get in touch with me!


Business headshots for Sync magazine, by Ryan Klos


Business headshots for Sync magazine, by Ryan Klos


Business headshots for Sync magazine, by Ryan Klos

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2015 McHenry East High School Senior | Maggie Garrity

Maggie Garrity McHenry East Sr. Model 2015

Maggie is my 2015 McHenry East high school senior model. We had a great time shooting her model portraits and ended up with some outstanding final senior portraits. She’s a willing model with a can-do attitude who was up for anything—even lying in the weeds. Albeit pretty weeds. We photographed her session at a Bull Valley Farm location in the early spring.

McHenry East Senior Portraits by Ryan Klos

McHenry East Senior Portraits by Ryan Klos

McHenry East Senior Portraits by Ryan Klos

McHenry East Senior Portraits by Ryan Klos

McHenry East Senior Portraits by Ryan Klos

McHenry East Senior Portraits by Ryan Klos

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2015 Crystal Lake Central High School Senior | Sarah Klos


Full disclosure: Sarah is my niece. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her many times over the years and it’s been fun to watch her grow and change, and make so many positive strides and accomplishments over the years. Last fall she headed off to college in Michigan—hard to believe it’s already time for that next step.

We had a lot of fun shooting Sarah’s portraits. Not only is she a smart and beautiful young woman, she ran hurdles at Crystal Lake Central and so of course it was appropriate to capture this part of her high school career. She’s also getting quite good with a camera—we should have incorporated photography into this shoot.

Sarah and a friend shaved their heads for St. Baldrick’s in the spring of 2015, so we had an opportunity to make some cool before and after photos. I love her look with the shaved head. There’s a vulnerability that shows, but also strength and confidence, which I believe are more evident.

Congrats on all you’ve accomplished, Sarah. I’m proud of you! I can’t wait to see where your next steps lead!







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